Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection (Personal Break)

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Get ready to have your hands full with a ton of Pokémon TCG cards-with Eevee V at the forefront! For the first time ever, Eevee and all of its Evolutions appear together in a Pokémon TCG collection as Pokémon V! That's right-in this collection, you get 9 foil promo cards featuring Eevee V and each of its Evolutions. If that's not enough, you also get 9 Pokémon TCG booster packs to really get your collection going strong.

The Pokémon Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection includes:

• 1 Promo card featuring Eevee V
• 1 Promo card featuring Vaporeon V
• 1 Promo card featuring Jolteon V
• 1 Promo card featuring Leafeon V
• 1 Promo card featuring Glaceon V
• 1 Promo card featuring Flareon V
• 1 Promo card featuring Espeon V
• 1 Promo card featuring Umbreon V
• 1 Promo card featuring Sylveon V
• 9 Pokémon TCG Booster Packs
• A Code Card for Pokémon TCG Live


A personal break is when you purchase a physical pack(s) to be opened by me, live on stream for you to watch! 

 You will get all yours cards from the reverse holo and rare spot! You may request bulk, please note bulk means additional shipping fees! 

 NekkoMeneko will then open this pack/s LIVE on your behalf on

Once you have sent payment, you will assume ownership of the pack and agree that the pack is non-cancelable, non-returnable and sale is final.

The condition of the cards in the pack is already predetermined and NekkoMeneko is not responsible for any imperfections, errors, misprints or other concerns with the cards.

I will hold on to all of your cards until you select 'Ship My Stuff' and pay a flat $5 or $12 fee for shipping in usa! I may even throw in some free goodies when shipping multiple break orders!